Univox became committed to the Internet industry in 1992 immediately after it was announced that commercial use of the Internet would be allowed. In those early days, we were the type of organization that would be called in by many of the pioneering companies of this newly found communications vehicle to give them answers to their challenges or solutions to their problems.

Through this process we found that there was one thing that many of these companies had in common. Whenever they planned to do an important demo for a department head or new prospective client, their provider's web server would be very slow or impossible to reach. Many of their potential business deals were being lost. They experienced frustration that no company should have to endure.

Most providers didn't seem to acknowledge how critical it was for a developer to count on his website. Perhaps they didn't really care. It was as if they didn't believe that their clients needed fast and reliable service. We knew that serious developers demanded it. We knew how to provide it. We engineered a Commercial Webserver network with one goal in mind -- Give the customer service so dependable that they would never consider trusting their online business to any other hosting provider.

When it came to prices, we once again took an aggressive approach. You will see that we offer the most competitive prices on the Net.

Our Internet connections consist of one T-3 from MCI, one T-3 from UUNET, one T-3 from SPRINT and an FDDI connection to Mae-West. How about that for redundancy! Our servers are connected via a Cisco 7513 Router. You would not be able to attain the quality of performance that we provide even if you had your own dedicated machine with just one domain running on it.

We have two layers of power backup. We employ a UPS system comprised of Best Fortress units, strictly for the purpose of serving as protection from any surge created by the diesel power generators which protect against power failures regardless of the duration.

We use the most reliable hardware available:

Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems with heavy RAM configurations
assure systems that operate at optimum efficiency.

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